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Skid Mounted Substation

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Skid mounted substations developed up to 5 MVA, 11 – 33 KV(HV) for wind mills which provides transformer integrated with HV side protection gear complete with breaker and panel. The complete unit comprised of transformer, HV bushings to breaker panel bus-duct, HV breaker & panel, LV side cable box connections. All components were designed to be assembled on single skid and transported to customer premises a single unit. The entire assembly was reinforced at critical points to bear transportation loads. The transformer was sent with radiator/conservator mounted and completely oil filled to avoid any mounting and oil filtration at site.

The skid mounted substation resulted in great savings for customer in terms of erection time and the space needed when compared with conventional DP yard substations. The savings in space was estimated to be close to 50% and the erection time crashed by 60%.